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   Fri 30 Apr, 2010 [10:45]
    < Steel >Japano-Korean HR Coil Deals At $750 FOB Level For June Shipments
    < Iron Ore >Japan's Iron Ore Imports In Mar 2010 By Country
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Japan's March Scrap Exports Total 487,000 Tons
    < Ferro Alloys >Molybdenum Production By Codelco / Chile In CY 2009 Increased
   Wed 28 Apr, 2010 [12:11]
    < Steel >Japanese HR Coil Offers To Distant Areas At $850 C&F Level
    < Iron Ore >Japan's Imports Of Agglomerated Ore By Discharge Port In February 2010
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Hyundai Steel's Q1 Operating Profit Up 37.6% To W132B
    < Ferro Alloys >Present Situation And Future Map Of Molybdenum Industry In Chile
   Tue 27 Apr, 2010 [10:18]
    < Steel >Japanese Steel Export Talks On Q3 Asian Deals
    < Iron Ore >CFE's Offer Price For DMC Mining Shares Lifted To A$0.46/Share
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Tokyo Steel Incurs Y6,800M Net Loss In FY2009 Results
    < Ferro Alloys >MMTC / India Has Risen Floor Prices For Exports Of Chrome Ores
   Mon 26 Apr, 2010 [11:10]
    < Steel >Posco's Domestic Price Hikes For May Shipments; W170,000 HR Coil Markup
    < Iron Ore >BC Iron Granted Mining Lease For Nullagine Iron Ore Project
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Japan's CY2009 Scrap Shipments Total 29.38M Tons
    < Ferro Alloys >Molybdenum Production At Freeport-McMoRan In Q1 / 10 Was On Favorable Tone
   Fri 23 Apr, 2010 [10:56]
    < Steel >Japan's March Iron & Steel Exports Total 4,177,000 Tons
    < Iron Ore >Baosteel's 2009 Operational Results, 2010 Management Policy
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Japan's FY2009 Small Bar Output Down 14.8% To 8.39M Tons
    < Ferro Alloys >Brazil Exported 6,097 Tons Of Ferro-Niobium In March 2010
    < Others >JFE Holdings Posts 69.2 BY Ordinary Income For FY2009
   Thu 22 Apr, 2010 [10:38]
    < Steel >Baosteel's Domestic Sales Prices For May Shipments
    < Iron Ore >Brockman Secures First Off-Take Commitment From China
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Osaka Steel, Shinkansai Steel To Form Business Alliance
    < Ferro Alloys >Raises Of Preferential Electricity Fees In W-S & W-N Districts / China Are Permeating
   Wed 21 Apr, 2010 [10:23]
    < Steel >Posco's W200,000 May Markup For Stainless CR Sheets?
    < Iron Ore >Centrex Metals Concludes Coordination Agreement With Lincoln Minerals
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Daehan Steel Buys No2 HMS From Japan At Y41,200 C&F
    < Ferro Alloys >Movements In Australia To Consolidate Manganese Mines May Develop
   Tue 20 Apr, 2010 [10:54]
    < Steel >Japanese Price Target At $850 C&F In Asian Deals For H-Beams, Sheet Piles
    < Iron Ore >Karara Project Construction Actively, Smoothly Progresses
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Tokyo Steel Reports Y3,000-7,000 May Price Hikes For All Products
    < Ferro Alloys >Nickel Productions In Japan In Feb. / 10 Increased Compared To Those In Same Month / 09
   Mon 19 Apr, 2010 [11:00]
    < Steel >Japanese Integrateds To Up Steel Export Prices By $50-100 In Q3 Asian Deals
    < Iron Ore >Vale To Invest R60 Million In Logistic Innovative Technologies
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Osaka No2 HMS Benchmark Up To Y39,000-39,500 Ex Steelworks
    < Ferro Alloys >Output Of Ferro-Nickel In Japan For CY 2009 Decreased To Less Than 60,000 Tons On Ni Content
   Fri 16 Apr, 2010 [10:11]
    < Steel >World's HR Steel Prices Shooting Up; $800 FOB Level For Heavy Plates
    < Iron Ore >Grange Resources To Accelerate Its Southdown Magnetite Project
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Kansai Tetsugen's March Scrap Intakes Total 83,561 Tons
    < Ferro Alloys >Market Tendency On Imports Of Ferro-Alloys At 15th April 2010
   Thu 15 Apr, 2010 [10:38]
    < Steel >JFE Steel Exports 4,000 Tons Heavy Rails To Australia's Rio Tinto
    < Iron Ore >Meigang Begins No. 5 Blast Furnace Construction
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Japan's Local Scrap Prices Average Y36,642 In Three Main Areas
    < Ferro Alloys >Accident Occurred At Main Plant / China To Produce Mn-Met Caused To Miss Workers
   Wed 14 Apr, 2010 [12:13]
    < Steel >Talks On Western Tinplate Exports For July Shipments Onward
    < Iron Ore >China's Banning Import Of Low-Grade Iron Ore May Damage India
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Highest Bid At $505 FOB In Vizag Pig Iron Tender
    < Ferro Alloys >Price Of FeCr For Shipments To Japan In Q2 / 10 Rises By 35 US-Cents
   Tue 13 Apr, 2010 [10:18]
    < Steel >Japan's January-March H-Beam Exports To ROK Total 65,000 Tons
    < Iron Ore >Karara Project Ensures Rail Haulage With QR Freight
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >SeAH Besteel Orders Shindachi At Y42,500 FOB
    < Ferro Alloys >Japan Moves To Purchase Chinese Silico-Manganese After Interval Of One Year
   Mon 12 Apr, 2010 [11:08]
    < Steel >Japanese Heavy Plate Exports To Distant Areas At $700 FOB Level
    < Iron Ore >Rio Tinto Aims At Quarterly Based Iron Ore Pricing
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Kanto Tetsugen Sells No2 HMS For Export At Average Y38,752 FAS
    < Ferro Alloys >Erdos / China Explains About Present Situation On Production Of Ferro-Alloys And Outlook For Future
   Fri 09 Apr, 2010 [10:44]
    < Steel >Hyundai Steel Celebrates Completion Of Dangjin No1 Blast Furnace
    < Iron Ore >Gindalbie Finalizes Hematite Offtake Agreement With Ansteel As Well
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Taiwan's Imports Of Raw Materials In January 2010
    < Ferro Alloys >Plan To Sell Ferro-Niobium In 2010 Made Up By CBMM / Brazil
   Thu 08 Apr, 2010 [10:25]
    < Steel >Prospects Of June Japano-Korean HR Coil Deals At $750 FOB Or Beyond
    < Iron Ore >Vale Lodges Counter Concern With European Commission
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Japan's Local Scrap Prices Average Y36,387 In Three Main Areas
    < Ferro Alloys >Eti Krom / Turkey Rises Prices Of Chrome Ore
   Wed 07 Apr, 2010 [10:29]
    < Steel >Japanese Non-GO Elec Sheets To Sell At $950 FOB For Asia's Non-Japanese Users
    < Iron Ore >Anketell Point PER Submitted for West Pilbara Iron Ore Project
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Ukraine's Pig Iron Exports In 2009
    < Ferro Alloys >OMC / India Rises Prices Of Chrome Ores For Shipments In Q2 / 10
   Tue 06 Apr, 2010 [10:12]
    < Steel >Japanese Export Talks On Q2 Korean Deals For Ship Beams
    < Iron Ore >World Steel Association's Statement On Iron Ore Contracts
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Japan's Ferrous Scrap Exports By Loading Port In February 2010 (3)
    < Ferro Alloys >Sumitomo Metal Mining Plans To Reform Facilities For Nickel Production In FY 2010
   Mon 05 Apr, 2010 [11:28]
    < Steel >East Asian Stainless Market At $3,300 C&F For Ni-Based CR Sheets
    < Iron Ore >Kobelco To Build ITmk3 Plant In Vietnam
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Japan's Ferrous Scrap Exports By Loading Port In February 2010 (2)
    < Ferro Alloys >Prices Of Manganese Ores For Exports To China Are On Basic Tone To Rise Gradually
   Fri 02 Apr, 2010 [10:53]
    < Steel >NSC To Shun Q2 Korean Deals For Ship Plate Exports
    < Iron Ore >China's 2010 Domestic Iron Ore Production Likely To Reach 1.0 Bt
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >China's February Scrap Imports Total 465,000 Tons
    < Ferro Alloys >Part Of Major Mills / Europe Agrees To Rise Price Of Charge Chrome By 35 US-Cents For Q2 / 10
   Thu 01 Apr, 2010 [10:13]
    < Steel >Japanese HR Coil Exports To ROK At $700 FOB Level For May Shipments
    < Iron Ore >China's Ansteel To Reactivate, Expand Decaying Mines
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Yamato Kogyo, Partner Place Prov Equip Orders For Bahraini Steel Project
    < Ferro Alloys >Market Tendency On Imports Of Ferro-Alloys At 31st March 2010
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