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   Fri 30 Jul, 2010 [10:19]
    < Steel >Japan's June H-Beam Exports Total 36,439 Tons
    < Iron Ore >London Mining Updates Saudi Arabian Pelletizing Project
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Kanto Mini Mills' August Crude Steel Output To Total 320,000 Tons
    < Ferro Alloys >China Has Stocked 2,600,000 Tons Of Manganese Ore Accumulated At Wharves In Discharging Ports
   Thu 29 Jul, 2010 [11:12]
    < Steel >NSC-BSL Tech Alliance In Coated Steel Products For Building Materials
    < Iron Ore >S. Korea's Iron Ore Imports In 1H10
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Japan's Local Scrap Prices Average Y26,931 In Three Main Areas
    < Ferro Alloys >Plant To Produce FeCr Is Constructed In Oman By Joint Venture With Indian Enterprise
   Wed 28 Jul, 2010 [10:31]
    < Steel >JFE Steel Shapes Up First Step In Strategic Alliance With JSW Steel
    < Iron Ore >First Iron Ore Shipments From Bloom Lake Project Set Sail For Wugang
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >China's 2010 Scrap Consumption To Total 92.02M Tons: Estimate
    < Ferro Alloys >How Does Price Of Mn-Ore Move, Under Weak Tone Of Prices For Mn Ferro-Alloys In China
   Tue 27 Jul, 2010 [10:23]
    < Steel >Japan's Jan-Jun Iron & Steel Exports Total 21,849,000 Tons
    < Iron Ore >Japan's Jun'10 Iron Ore Imports 11.376 Mt
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Chinese Bids Beyond Y27,000 FOB For No2 HMS From Japan
    < Ferro Alloys >While Stainless Production Is Reducing And Nickel Price Is Rallying, Price Of Stainless Scrap Remains
   Mon 26 Jul, 2010 [13:14]
    < Steel >Japanese Export Talks On Sept Chinese Deals For Non-GO Elec Sheets
    < Iron Ore >Russia's Iron Ore Exports In Apr'10
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Nucor Gets $122M Net Profit In Jan-Jun'10
    < Ferro Alloys >FeCr Situation In China Is Changing Drastically
   Fri 23 Jul, 2010 [10:33]
    < Steel >China's Largest Integrated Steelmaker In Action To Up Domestic Sales Prices
    < Iron Ore >BHPB's RGP5 Overall Project 64% Complete
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Japanese Steel Industry's April Scrap Intakes Total 2,646,000 Tons
    < Ferro Alloys >South African Government Strengthens Regulations For Safety At Platinum And Chrome Mines
   Thu 22 Jul, 2010 [10:58]
    < Steel >Japan's June Crude Steel Production: 9,352,000 Tons
    < Iron Ore >POSCO Becomes Murchison Metals' Largest Shareholder
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Japan's June Small Bar Output: 741,900 Tons
    < Ferro Alloys >Price Of FeCr For Shipments To Japan In Q3 / 10 Is Reduced By 6 US-Cents Per Lb. Of Cr
   Wed 21 Jul, 2010 [10:35]
    < Steel >No Letup In China's Falling Steel Prices
    < Iron Ore >China's Iron Ore Imports In May'10 By Discharge Port
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Osaka No2 HMS Benchmark Down To Y28,000-29,000 Ex Steelworks
    < Ferro Alloys >Nickel Productions In Japan For May 2010 Decreased Compared To That In April
   Tue 20 Jul, 2010 [11:01]
    < Steel >Ansteel's August Price Reductions In Domestic Sales
    < Iron Ore >Japan Fair Trade Commission Sets About Second Round Examination
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Tokyo Steel Cuts Scrap Purchase Prices By Y500-1,000 At Five Works
    < Ferro Alloys >Output Of Crude Stainless Steel By Major 7 Companies / Japan In May / 10 Continued To Decrease
   Fri 16 Jul, 2010 [12:13]
    < Steel >Asian H-Beam Export Market On Track To Bottom Out?
    < Iron Ore >Rio Tinto To Boost Pilbara Iron Ore Operation Capacity To 330 Mtpa
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >EU27 Nations' Ferrous Scrap Exports In April 2010
    < Ferro Alloys >Market Tendency On Imports Of Ferro-Alloys At 15th July 2010
   Thu 15 Jul, 2010 [10:26]
    < Steel >Baosteel Dares To Slash August Sales Prices At Home
    < Iron Ore >China's Raw Materials, Steel Trade In May'10
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Japan's Local Scrap Prices Average Y27,942 In Three Main Areas
    < Ferro Alloys >Nippon Denko Diversifies Sources To Import Manganese Ore
   Wed 14 Jul, 2010 [10:25]
    < Steel >Japanese Markup Settled In Q3 Chinese Deals For TMBP Exports
    < Iron Ore >CFE Sets About Compulsory Acquisition Of Remaining DMC Shares
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Japan's Ferrous Scrap Exports By Loading Port In May 2010
    < Ferro Alloys >Because Of Curtailing Stainless Steel Production, China Faces Turning Point For Ni-Contained Pig Iron
   Tue 13 Jul, 2010 [10:05]
    < Steel >China's June Steel Exports Total 5.62M Tons
    < Iron Ore >FIRB Approves Sichuan Taifeng To Acquire IMX's 19.9% Equity
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Russia's April Pig Iron Exports Total 222,000 Tons
    < Ferro Alloys >Reception Held By Eramet In Last Week Was Well Attended
   Mon 12 Jul, 2010 [11:01]
    < Steel >China's Jan-May Finished Steel Output Totals 326.28M Tons
    < Iron Ore >Sphere Minerals' Update Summary Of Askaf Iron Ore Project
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Russia's April Scrap Exports Total 149,000 Tons
    < Ferro Alloys >Mr. Patrick Buffet, Chairman & CEO Of Eramet / France, Held Press Interview
   Fri 09 Jul, 2010 [10:12]
    < Steel >August Japanese Exports Of Non-GO Elec Sheets To China At $900-950 FOB
    < Iron Ore >CFE's Shareholding In DMC Further Rises To 87.7%
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Tokyo Steel Cutting Scrap Purchase Prices By Y500-1,000 At Five Works
    < Ferro Alloys >Hyundai Corp. / S. Korea Acquires 2% Interest In Ambatovey Nickel Project / Madagascar
   Thu 08 Jul, 2010 [10:31]
    < Steel >Turning Point For Talks On Japano-Korean Ship Plate Deals?
    < Iron Ore >Shougang Jingtang Steel No. 2 Furnace Officially Begins Output
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Japan's Local Scrap Prices Changing Little In Kanto, Kansai Areas
    < Ferro Alloys >Japan's Exports Of Stainless Steel Products In May 2010 Increased To 120,000 Tons
   Wed 07 Jul, 2010 [11:14]
    < Steel >Chinese Inquiries Stop In Japanese Export Deals Of Sheet Piles
    < Iron Ore >Baosteel To Implement " 2010 – 2015 Longterm Development Plan" (2)
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >South Korea's Supply And Demand Of Ferrous Scrap In February 2010
    < Ferro Alloys >Balance On Molybdenum Trade By China In May /10 Changed To Country To Export With Net Quantity
   Tue 06 Jul, 2010 [10:19]
    < Steel >NSC To Embark On Pipe Pile/Sheet Pile Production In Vietnam
    < Iron Ore >Highlights Of West Pilbara Iron Ore Project DFS Results
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Japan's Exports Of Semi-Finished Steel Products In May 2010
    < Ferro Alloys >Mitsui & Co. / Japan Invests In Capital Increase By EPMC In Inner Mongolia Of China
   Mon 05 Jul, 2010 [11:21]
    < Steel >Uncertain Prospects Of Japano-Korean HR Coil Deals For Aug Shipments
    < Iron Ore >Territory Resources Reports 30% Increase In Iron Ore Shipments
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Osaka No2 HMS Benchmark Flat At Y31,000 Ex Steelworks
    < Ferro Alloys >Price Of FeCr For Shipments To Europe In Q3 / 10 Is Reduced By 6 US-Cents Per Lb. / Cr
   Fri 02 Jul, 2010 [10:20]
    < Steel >Japan's May Iron & Steel Export Shipments: 3,602,000 Tons
    < Iron Ore >Sumitomo Corp To Acquire Usiminas' Subsidiary Shares
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Highest Bid At $391.11 FOB In MMTC Pig Iron Tender
    < Ferro Alloys >Quantities Of Molybdenum Produced by Divisions Of Codelco / Chile In CY 2009
   Thu 01 Jul, 2010 [10:28]
    < Steel >Japan's May Sheet Pile Exports Total 21,800 Tons
    < Iron Ore >Germany's Iron Ore Imports In Mar'10 By Source
    < Scrap & Pig Iron >Japan's Local Scrap Prices Average Y28,242 In Three Main Areas
    < Ferro Alloys >Market Tendency On Imports Of Ferro-Alloys At 30th June 2010
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