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   Wed 31 Jul, 2013 [13:21]
    < Steel >Bid Prices of HR Coils in Asia Rise Further for Sept. Shipment
    < Iron Ore >Sesa Goa's Apr - Jun Results with Less Sales and Profit
    < Cold Mettalics >Japan's Exports of Raw Materials in Jun 2013
    < Ferro Alloys >(Customs Statistics) Japan's Imports of Ferro Alloys in June 2013
    < LNG >LNG Imported at US$14s through Yokkaichi from Trinidad and Tobago
   Tue 30 Jul, 2013 [16:54]
    < Steel >Indonesia Might Impose AD Duties on Tnplates as Early as Sept.
    < Iron Ore >Germany's Iron Ore Imports in Jan-Mar 2013
    < Cold Mettalics >Japan's No2 HMS Prices Average Y29,612 in Main Trading Areas
    < Ferro Alloys >Crude SUS Steel Production by Major SUS Steel Mills in June Is 311,804 Tons
    < LNG >Moves Accelerated by Earlier Applicants to Export LNG from U.S.
   Mon 29 Jul, 2013 [12:58]
    < Steel >Difference between NO Electrical Sheet and HR Coil Prices Only $20
    < Iron Ore >Metinvest and Canadian Company Agree to Develop Iron Ore Assets
    < Cold Mettalics >Indonesia's Jan-Apr Scrap Imports Total 826,000 Tons
    < Ferro Alloys >Aug SUS Scrap Price Shows Perception Gap Between SUS Mills and Scrap Dealers
    < LNG >LNG Carrier "Woodside Rogers" Reaches Pluto
    < Others >JFEH Forecasts JPY70 Billion Ordinary Income for 1H
   Fri 26 Jul, 2013 [11:35]
    < Steel >Japan's HR Coil Prices for SE Asia Rise by $20-30 for August Shipment
    < Iron Ore >Australia's Iron Ore Export Unit Price by Month/Country in Jan-May
    < Cold Mettalics >Taiwan's May Scrap Imports Total 309,000 Tons
    < Ferro Alloys >China's Export & Import Result of Cobalt in June 2013
    < LNG >Japan-U.S. Joint Statement on LNG Exports from U.S.
   Thu 25 Jul, 2013 [13:25]
    < Steel >Japan's Steel Export In First Half 2013; 22,190 t/t, Up 7.8% from Year Earlier
    < Iron Ore >Japan's Iron Ore Imports down 8% to 10.395 MT in June 2013
    < Cold Mettalics >Japanese Steel Industry's April Scrap Purchases Total 2.40M Tons
    < Ferro Alloys >LME Ni Inventory Surpasses 200,000 Tons
    < LNG >Tokyo Gas' LNG Receipt in FY2012 Exceeds 12 Mil MT
   Wed 24 Jul, 2013 [16:59]
    < Steel >Attention Attracted in GO Electrical Sheets of Valin Steel
    < Iron Ore >LIM Announces 3rd Shipment of Iron Ore
    < Cold Mettalics >Japan's Small Bar Market Conditions
    < Ferro Alloys >China's NPI Production Slows Down Due to Slumping LME Ni Price
    < LNG >Qatargas Ships Its 1st LNG Cargo to Malaysia
   Tue 23 Jul, 2013 [10:51]
    < Steel >$700 CFR Level of EG Sheet Prices for China Maintained for Aug. Shipment
    < Iron Ore >MGI Record Sales for YEJ13 at 8.77Mt
    < Cold Mettalics >Tokyo Steel Gets Y865M Net Profit in Apr-Jun Results
    < Ferro Alloys >LME Co Price Shows Downward Trend Due to Put-off of DRC's Export Ban
    < LNG >Sabine Pass Authorized to Export Additional LNG to FTA Nations
   Mon 22 Jul, 2013 [15:35]
    < Steel >China's Steel Market in 3rd Week of July/Plate Prices Rise for 2 Weeks in Row
    < Iron Ore >Glencore Xstrata Suspends Iron Ore Concentrate Production in QLD
    < Cold Mettalics >FAS Tokyo Bay Benchmark Rises to Y30,500 for No2 HMS
    < Ferro Alloys >Ceasing to fall in Price of Chinese Manganese Metal Is forecasted, Too
    < LNG >Papua New Guinea LNG Project 90% Complete
   Fri 19 Jul, 2013 [13:50]
    < Steel >Asian Prices of CR Austenitic Stainless Sheets Come Close to Bottoming Out
    < Iron Ore >Construction of New Dock at Sept-Îles Port Well Underway
    < Cold Mettalics >Dongkuk Steel's Y33,700-34,000 C&F Bids for Japanese No2 HMS
    < Ferro Alloys >Anglo American's Production of Ni & Mn in Apr-Jun 2013
    < LNG >Australian Woodside Sells 1.37 Mil MT of LNG in 2nd Quarter
   Thu 18 Jul, 2013 [13:30]
    < Steel >Prices of CR Austenitic Stainless Sheets in Asia Level Off at Low Level
    < Iron Ore >JBIC Signs Agreements with Vale
    < Iron Ore >Mount Gibson to Start T1 Production in September
    < Cold Mettalics >Japan's No2 HMS Prices Average Y29,676 in Main Trading Areas
    < LNG >Greece Plans to Receive 290,000 CBM of LNG in Aug
   Wed 17 Jul, 2013 [11:17]
    < Steel >China's Steel Production in June
    < Steel >China's Ansteel Targets Turnaround for 1st Time in 3 Years
    < Iron Ore >Canada's Iron Ore Exports by State for Jan-May 2013
    < Cold Mettalics >Containerized HMS Prices Rise to $340-341 C&F for Taiwan
    < Ferro Alloys >Market Trend of Import of Ferroalloy as of July 16, 2013
    < LNG >Nigeria LNG Agrees to Pay Tax to End Blockaded LNG Shipments
   Tue 16 Jul, 2013 [13:36]
    < Steel >Baosteel to Launch GO Sheets onto Export Market Shortly
    < Steel >Tata Steel Apr-Jun Operational Results Achieve Double-Digit Growth
    < Iron Ore >Australia's Iron Ore Exports in May 2013 (Fin.)
    < Cold Mettalics >Kawasaki Ranks First in Japan's May Scrap Exports by Customs Port
    < Ferro Alloys >No Movement Seen in SUS Scrap Price for Mid-July Despite Cheap Ni
    < LNG >Woodside Restarts Pluto LNG Plant
   Fri 12 Jul, 2013 [13:22]
    < Steel >Baosteel Leaves Sheet Prices Unchanged for Aug. Shipment except Tinplates
    < Steel >Tokiwakai's End June H-Beam Stocks Down to 196,700 Tons
    < Iron Ore >China's MIIT Talks on Excessive Equipment Matter
    < Cold Mettalics >USA's May Scrap Exports Total 2.14M Tons
    < Ferro Alloys >Trend in Demand & Supply for Mn-containing Ferroalloy in Jan-Mar 2013
    < LNG >2 LNG Carriers for Badak IV Possibly to Be in Short-Term Charter
   Thu 11 Jul, 2013 [11:09]
    < Steel >WISCO Raises HR Coil Prices by 100 CNY for August Shipment
    < Iron Ore >Ferrexpo Pellet Production for 1H 2013 at 5.085Mt, up 11%
    < Cold Mettalics >Japan's No2 HMS Prices Average Y29,854 in Main Trading Areas
    < Ferro Alloys >LME Ni Price Continuously Drops to US$13,160/MT as Cash Seller at One Time
    < LNG >Global LNG Supply/Demand Balance to Be Relaxed during 2013-2014
   Wed 10 Jul, 2013 [14:06]
    < Steel >Recovery Sign in Asian Market of General Use Plates Arises
    < Iron Ore >IGC Purchases Mongolian Iron Ore
    < Cold Mettalics >Nakayama Steel Turns Consolidated Subs into Complete Ones
    < Ferro Alloys >Crude SUS Steel Production by Major SUS Steel Mills in May Is 299,463 Tons
    < LNG >TEPCO's LNG Receipts in June Up 3% to 1.82 Mil MT
   Tue 09 Jul, 2013 [14:43]
    < Steel >Japanese Mills Worry About Korea's Production Hike of Tinplates in Sept.
    < Iron Ore >Flinders and Brockman Sign MOU over Pilbara Iron Ore
    < Cold Mettalics >Kanto Tetsugen to Hold Scrap Export Tender July 10
    < Ferro Alloys >S. African Charge Cr Price for Japan Also Is Settled down by US Cents 14.5
    < LNG >Pacific NorthWest LNG Applies to Canada's NEB for LNG Export License
   Mon 08 Jul, 2013 [14:43]
    < Steel >Dedicated Freight Railway Construction Project in India
    < Iron Ore >MMX Temporarily Suspends Iron Ore Production at Corumbá
    < Cold Mettalics >Overseas Scrap Markets Bottoming Out
    < Ferro Alloys >Price of S. African Charge Cr for Europe Is Lowered by US Cents 14.5
    < LNG >Saibu Gas to Accept LNG Deliveries by Large LNG Carriers
   Fri 05 Jul, 2013 [13:46]
    < Steel >Overseas Steel Markets Move to Turn Upward Gradually
    < Iron Ore >Australia's Iron Ore Exports in May 2013 (1)
    < Cold Mettalics >Kanto Market for Local Scrap Changing Little
    < Ferro Alloys >Domestic Consumption of Nickel in January - April in 2013
    < LNG >Santos and QGC Agrees to Connect GLNG and QC-LNG with Pipelines
   Thu 04 Jul, 2013 [10:22]
    < Steel >US ITC Starts AD Investigation on OCTG from 9 Countries Including Korea
    < Iron Ore >KIOCL Requests Karnataka Government to Allocate Iron Mines
    < Cold Mettalics >Japan's No2 HMS Prices Average Y30,125 in Main Trading Areas
    < Ferro Alloys >Price of Ferroalloy for EF Mills for Jul-Sept Is Pushed Down
    < LNG >Freeport LNG to Start Production in 1st Quarter of 2018
   Wed 03 Jul, 2013 [13:44]
    < Steel >Export of EG Sheets to SE Asia/Japan Aims Levelling Off for Aug. Shipment
    < Iron Ore >BC Iron Achieves 5Mtpa Production at NJV
    < Cold Mettalics >Tokyo Steel Cuts Scrap Purchase Prices at Tahara Works
    < Ferro Alloys >Forecast on Demand for Special Steel During July to September 2013
    < LNG >4th LNG Vessel for Australian Pluto LNG Project Completed
   Tue 02 Jul, 2013 [15:34]
    < Steel >Japan's May Iron & Steel Export Shipments: 3,675,000 Tons
    < Iron Ore >New Senior Vice President Sales at State-Run LKAB
    < Cold Mettalics >Hyundai Steel's Y29,500 FOB Bid for No2 HMS from Japan
    < Ferro Alloys >Market Trend on Import of Ferroalloy as of June 28, 2013
    < LNG >Russia's Gazprom Aims to Take 15% of Global LNG Market
   Mon 01 Jul, 2013 [15:47]
    < Steel >Japan's Export of H-beams in May 36.5 t/t, Up 87% from April
    < Iron Ore >Major Events in Jun 2013 over Iron Ore (Fin.)
    < Cold Mettalics >Tokyo Steel's May Crude Steel Production: 160,000 Tons
    < Ferro Alloys >Result of Demand & Supply on Silicon Metal in May 2013
    < LNG >Cyprus to Construct LNG Export Terminal
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