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   Wed 31 Oct, 2018 [10:04]
    < Steel >Price of HR SST Coil in East Asia Shows Stronger Downward Trend
    < Iron Ore >NLMK Starts Construction of Beatification Facilities at Stoilensky GOK
    < Cold Mettalics >Tokyo Steel Reduces Price at 4 Plants in W. Japan by Y0.5K to Y1K
    < Ferro Alloys >SLN Announces Matter of Kouaoua Mine Solved
    < LNG >Japan's Sep-Arrival LNG Cargoes from Atlantic Ocean Area Range US$8-10s
   Tue 30 Oct, 2018 [11:11]
    < Steel >Applications Prepared for Exemption from Turkey's Steel Safeguards
    < Iron Ore >Tramp Freight Market for Bulk Cargoes Is Flat
    < Cold Mettalics >Kanto Ferrous Scrap Mkt Changes A Little
    < Ferro Alloys >Price of EMM in China Drops Drastically
    < LNG >LNG Limited Gives Up FID for Magnolia LNG PJ Within This Year
   Mon 29 Oct, 2018 [10:20]
    < Steel >Japan's Oil Well Pipes to the US Become Exempted from Section 232
    < Iron Ore >EVRAZ's Crude Steel Production in Jan-Sep Falls 5.4% Y/Y to 9.92 MT
    < Cold Mettalics >India's August Ferrous Scrap Imports Were 610,000 Tons
    < Ferro Alloys >U.S. ITC Discusses Continuation of AD Duty on Ukrainian SiMn with China
    < LNG >Exmar's FSRU Charter Deal Possibly to be Cancelled?
   Fri 26 Oct, 2018 [11:24]
    < Steel >(WSA) Crude Steel Production by WSA Member Countries in September 2018
    < Iron Ore >NLMK's Crude Steel Production in Jan-Sep Rises 3% Y/Y to 13.13 MT
    < Cold Mettalics >New Export Price of Both Shindachi and H2 for S.Korea Pulls Back
    < Ferro Alloys >Price of HC FeCr in China Shows Declining Mood
    < LNG >Oil Search to Begin Talks on New Papua New Guinean LNG Sales in 2019
   Thu 25 Oct, 2018 [10:07]
    < Steel >Japanese Mills to Delay Beginning of HRC Talks for December Shipment
    < Iron Ore >Russia's Exports of Iron Ore in July 2018 Falls 22% to 1.21 MT
    < Cold Mettalics >Japan's No.2 HMS Prices Average Increases to Y34,901
    < Ferro Alloys >EVRAZ's Vanadium Sales Goal in 2018 Is 12.8kmt
    < LNG >US Venture Global LNG to Take FID for Calcasieu Pass in Early 2019
   Wed 24 Oct, 2018 [10:03]
    < Steel >J Mills Open 1H19 Plate Talks for S. Korean Shipbuilders w/$50 Markup
    < Iron Ore >Tramp Freight Market for Bulk Cargoes Is Firmer Tone
    < Cold Mettalics >Containerized HMS Contract Price for Taiwan Declines Continuously
    < Ferro Alloys >Price of Ferro-vanadium in China Continues Rising
    < LNG >Japan's INPEX Starts LNG Shipment from Australia's Ichthys PJ
   Tue 23 Oct, 2018 [10:50]
    < Steel >J Mills May Offer 3-Digit Markup on GO for 1H19 Shipments
    < Iron Ore >Tata Steel Sells Iron Ore Business in South Africa
    < Cold Mettalics >Japan's FY 2017 Recycling Rate Hits 93.4% for Steel Cans
    < Ferro Alloys >Merafe's Production Volume of FeCr in Jul-Sept 2018 Is 84,000 Tons
    < LNG >METI to Support Japanese Firms Aimed at Building 50-Mil-MT LNG Market
   Mon 22 Oct, 2018 [13:19]
    < Steel >Prices of Slab in Asia: Clashes Continue at $500 CFR
    < Iron Ore >NMDC's Preliminary Production and Sales Volumes for 1H19 Plummet
    < Cold Mettalics >The Contract of Shindachi for South Korea Was Concluded at Y 44K FOB
    < Ferro Alloys >South32's Metallurgical Coal Production Makes Sharp Recovery
    < LNG >Santos Q3 LNG Sales Rally to Last Year's Level
   Fri 19 Oct, 2018 [10:24]
    < Steel >Japan's Steel Exports in 1H18 Drop 3.4% Y/Y to 17.897 MT
    < Iron Ore >IOC of Canada Sees Production and Shipping Volume Recover in Jul-Sep
    < Cold Mettalics >Kanto Scrap Mkt Is Flat, Staying on The Sidelines
    < Ferro Alloys >EMM Produced at Tsingshan's Plant Indonesia on Trial Basis
    < LNG >Elba Island LNG Project Delayed, Start-Up to be in Q1 2019
   Thu 18 Oct, 2018 [10:12]
    < Steel >Price of Sheet Pile for the Philippines Falls by $20
    < Iron Ore >BHP's Production of Iron Ore in WA for Jan-Sep Stands at 209 Mil Tons
    < Cold Mettalics >Japan's No.2 HMS Prices Average Is Y34,734
    < Ferro Alloys >EMM Price in China Continues Dropping
    < LNG >Sabine Pass' LNG Export Prices Range $3.25-6.45/MMBTU in Aug
   Wed 17 Oct, 2018 [10:03]
    < Steel >Some Japanese GO Become Exempted from Section 232
    < Iron Ore >FMG's Eighth Ore Carrier Vessel Ready for Operation
    < Cold Mettalics >New Export Negotiation Is Inactive after Tender of Kanto Tetsugen
    < Ferro Alloys >Vale's Production Volumes of Mn Ore, FA, Ni and Co in Jul-Sept
    < LNG >Egypt's EGAS Cancels FSRU Charter Deal with Hoegh LNG
   Tue 16 Oct, 2018 [10:16]
    < Steel >Japanese Mills to Delay Talks on HRC for December Shipment to Asia
    < Iron Ore >JSW Steel Produces 8.3 MT of Crude Steel in 1H19, Up 6% Y/Y
    < Cold Mettalics >FAS Tokyo Bay Price Keeps Flat in The 2nd Week of October
    < Ferro Alloys >Market Trend of Import of Ferroalloy as of 15 October 2018
    < LNG >Japan's Tohoku Electric Power Signs Deal to Purchase Mozambiquan LNG
   Mon 15 Oct, 2018 [11:25]
    < Steel >SST Sheet Markets in East Asia Remain Calm after Holiday in China
    < Iron Ore >FMG to Launch Share Buy-Back Program on 25th Oct
    < Cold Mettalics >Kanto Mkt: Benchmark Price of No.2 HMS Ex Works Is Y 36.5K to 37K
    < Ferro Alloys >Retail Price of Imported Manganese Ore in China Continues Rising
    < LNG >Tokyo Gas President Uchida:
   Fri 12 Oct, 2018 [09:58]
    < Steel >Baosteel Keeps Domestic HRC Price for Nov Shipment Unchanged
    < Iron Ore >The US's Trade of Iron Ore in July 2018
    < Cold Mettalics >Tender of Kanto Tetsugen for November Shiploading Was Unsold
    < Ferro Alloys >Japan's Purchase Price of HC FeCr for Oct-Dec Down by US Cents 14
    < LNG >FLEX LNG to Add Five LNG Vessels into Its Fleet
   Thu 11 Oct, 2018 [10:33]
    < Steel >Chinese Mills Lower Offer Price for HRC for Dec Shipment by $5
    < Iron Ore >Tramp Freight Market for Bulk Cargoes Is Weak Tone
    < Cold Mettalics >Japan's No.2 HMS Prices Average Increases Further to Y34,734
    < Ferro Alloys >Ni SUS Scrap Price in October Starts with JPY130,000 - JPY135,000
    < LNG >Japan's Tokyo Gas, Toho Gas to Purchase LNG from LNG Canada PJ
   Wed 10 Oct, 2018 [09:59]
    < Steel >Talks on Tinplate for 2019 Shipment Begin in US and EU
    < Iron Ore >Rio Tinto and Hancock Prospecting Open New Mine at Hope Downs
    < Cold Mettalics >Kanto Tetsugen Plans to Hold Scrap Export Sales Tender on October 11
    < Ferro Alloys >Special Steel Demand Forecast in Oct-Dec 2018
    < LNG >Sempra Energy to Produce 12.4 Mil MT of LNG in Mexico
   Tue 09 Oct, 2018 [10:05]
    < Steel >NSSC Cuts Retail Price of Ni-base SST for October by 5,000 Yen
    < Iron Ore >HPPL Acquires 89.34% of Atlas Shares
    < Cold Mettalics >Hong Kong's August Scrap Exports Are 110,000 Tons
    < Ferro Alloys >FeNi Producer in Greece Suffers from Damages due to Cyclone
    < LNG >Taipower's Plans on LNG-Fired Power Unit, LNG Receiving Terminal
   Fri 05 Oct, 2018 [10:21]
    < Steel >Price Unchanged in Asian GP Plate Market after China's Public Holiday
    < Iron Ore >Tramp Freight Market for Bulk Cargoes Is Flat with Firmer Tone
    < Cold Mettalics >LME Steel Scrap Closing Price on Oct 3
    < Ferro Alloys >Plan To Restart Vanadium Production in North America Starts
    < LNG >Timor-Leste Gov. to Join Greater Sunrise Fields Development
   Thu 04 Oct, 2018 [10:10]
    < Steel >J Mills' HRC Talks for Nov Shipment to Remote Regions See $10 Markdown
    < Iron Ore >Tramp Freight Market for Bulk Cargoes Is Firmer Tone
    < Cold Mettalics >Japan's No.2 HMS Prices Average Increases Further to Y34,604
    < Ferro Alloys >S. African Charge Cr Price for Europe in Oct-Dec Down by Cents 14
    < LNG >Shell Etc. Decide FID on 14-MTPA LNG Canada Project
   Wed 03 Oct, 2018 [10:49]
    < Steel >Russian Products Pull Down the Market Prices of HRC in Asia
    < Iron Ore >Malaysia's Trade of Iron Ore in June 2018
    < Cold Mettalics >Tokyo Steel Raises Purchase Price by Y500 at Kyushu Plant from Oct 3
    < Ferro Alloys >Tsingshan Group's Plant Indonesia Has No Damage from This Earthquake
    < LNG >China's CNOOC to Purchase LNG from Canada's Woodfibre LNG Project
   Tue 02 Oct, 2018 [10:26]
    < Steel >Japan's Exports of Sheet Pile in August Fall 1.1% M/M to 16,700 Tons
    < Iron Ore >NSSMC, Mitsui, and Rio Tinto to Develop New Iron Ore Deposits
    < Cold Mettalics >Both Domestic Scrap Markets in East and West Are Firmer Tone
    < Ferro Alloys >LME Ni Average Price in September Down by 7% from Prior Month
    < LNG >KOGAS, PetroChina Approve Investment in LNG Canada Project
   Mon 01 Oct, 2018 [10:46]
    < Steel >Baosteel Keeps Its Domestic Tinplate Prices Unchanged for Nov Shipment
    < Iron Ore >New Moss Pit Opened at Iron Ore Company of Canada's Operations
    < Cold Mettalics >LME Steel Scrap Closing Price on Sep 27
    < Ferro Alloys >Market Trend of Import of Ferroalloy as of 28 September 2018
    < LNG >Japan-Operated LNG/LPG Vessels' Panama Canal Passages Grow Significantly
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