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   Fri 31 May, 2019 [10:15]
    < Steel >ArcelorMittal to Further Cut Steel Production in Europe
    < Iron Ore >Champion Iron Now Holds a 100% Stake in Bloom Lake Mine
    < Cold Mettalics >The New Export Market Intensifies A Sentiment of Touching Bottom
    < Ferro Alloys >Wide-area Port Strike in South Africa Gets Averted
    < LNG >Hoegh LNG Wins Exclusivity for S. Asian FSRU Project
   Thu 30 May, 2019 [11:43]
    < Steel >Rapid Recovery of Turkey's HRC Market Exerts Influence to Asia
    < Iron Ore >MIDREX Process Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Fist Production
    < Cold Mettalics >Japan's No.2 HMS Prices Average Declines Further to Y28,386
    < Ferro Alloys >Chuquicamata Mine Has Increased Likelihood of Strike by Workers
    < LNG >Venture Global LNG Raises Fund from US Investment Company
   Wed 29 May, 2019 [10:36]
    < Steel >Prices of GP CR Steel Remain Unchanged across Asia
    < Iron Ore >EVRAZ Starts Stripping Kachkanar-proper Ore Deposit
    < Ferro Alloys >EVRAZ Works on Development of Kachkanar Ore Deposit
    < LNG >Alaska's Kenai LNG Terminal to be Reactivated Partly for Domestic Supply
   Tue 28 May, 2019 [10:10]
    < Steel >J Mills Offer $50 Markup on Tinplate for Next Qtr Shipments to Asia
    < Iron Ore >CAP Mineria Implements Smart Mining for Improved Productivity
    < Cold Mettalics >Containerized HMS for Taiwan Rebounds by Around US$ 10
    < Ferro Alloys >Port Stock of Imported Mn Ore in China Exceeds 4.45 Million Tons
    < LNG >(China) Trade Statistics-LNG Imports by Source in April 2019
   Mon 27 May, 2019 [10:30]
    < Steel >China's Steel Market Sees HRC and Other Prices Fall 2 Weeks in a Row
    < Iron Ore >Vale Supports Development of Flat Rolling Mill by China's CCCC
    < Cold Mettalics >U.S. HMS for Turkey Rebounds by More Than US$20 from The Bottom Price
    < Ferro Alloys >Chinese Firm's Plan to Construct Samalaju Blast Furnace Restarts
    < LNG >Freeport LNG Requesting for Extension of Construction Period
   Fri 24 May, 2019 [10:54]
    < Steel >Japan's Rail to US CSX Denied Exemption from Section 232
    < Iron Ore >Taiwan's Iron Ore Imports for Mar Fall 14% Y/Y to 1.81 MT
    < Cold Mettalics >Japan's April Small Bar Prod: 720,000 Tons, Down by 4% from YOY
    < Ferro Alloys >Price of HC FeCr in China Continues to Go down Gradually
    < LNG >Saudi Aramco to Enter into LNG Business
   Thu 23 May, 2019 [10:34]
    < Steel >Mexican Slab Now Allowed in the US
    < Iron Ore >FMG Approves Development of Queens Valley Mining Area, Solomon Hub
    < Cold Mettalics >Hyundai Steel Makes A Bid for No.2 HMS at Y 30,000 FOB
    < Ferro Alloys >Price of Ferro-vanadium in European Market Continues Dropping
    < LNG >Golar LNG Soon to Start Conversion of Golar Viking to FSRU for Croatia
   Wed 22 May, 2019 [11:34]
    < Steel >China's Benxi Lowers HRC Price for July Shipments by $5
    < Iron Ore >Vale Informs Authorities of Potential Displacement at Gongo Soco Mine
    < Cold Mettalics >Japan's March Scrap Consumption for Converter Feed Is 920,000 Tons
    < Ferro Alloys >Indonesia's Export of Stainless Steel Semi-products in March 2019
    < LNG >FERC Authorizes LNG Export from Cameron LNG Project
   Tue 21 May, 2019 [10:54]
    < Steel >J Mills Stay Adamant in Talks on Plate for South Korean Shipbuilders
    < Iron Ore >Mount Gibson to Begin Sale of High Grade Ore from Koolan Island in June
    < Cold Mettalics >Tokyo Steel Maintains All Steel Product Prices in June
    < LNG >Pakistan LNG Issues Tender for Jul-Sep Arrival LNG Cargoes
   Mon 20 May, 2019 [11:30]
    < Steel >J Integrated Mills to Offer $30 Markup on Wire Rods for Next Q to Asia
    < Iron Ore >Grange's Pellet Production for Jan-Mar Falls 8% Q/Q to 0.48 MT
    < Cold Mettalics >Econecol Launches into The Aircraft Recycling Business
    < Ferro Alloys >Electricity Rates for Industrial and Commercial Uses in China Cut by 10%
    < LNG >Construction of Freeport Train 4 Approved
   Fri 17 May, 2019 [10:30]
    < Steel >J Mills to Offer Markup on Tinplate for Next Quarter Shipments to Asia
    < Iron Ore >CSN Reports 13% Increase in Profit of Mining Segment for 1Q19
    < Cold Mettalics >Hyundai Steel Procures Russian A3 Ferrous Scrap at US$300 CFR
    < Ferro Alloys >Labor Contract Concluded at Salvador Copper Mine in Chile
    < LNG >Santos Agrees to Acquire Stake in PRL 3 in Papua New Guinea
   Thu 16 May, 2019 [10:47]
    < Steel >S. Korean Plate Flooding SE Asia Under Weaker KRW
    < Iron Ore >Kumba Iron Ore Expects Large Increase in Half-year Profit
    < Cold Mettalics >Japan's No.2 HMS Prices Average Declines Further to Y28,776
    < Ferro Alloys >Market Trend of Import of Ferroalloy as of 15 May 2019
    < LNG >LNG Production Commences at Cameron Terminal
   Wed 15 May, 2019 [10:37]
    < Steel >Japanese Mills to Focus on Price in H-beam Talks for July Shipments
    < Iron Ore >China's Domestic Crude Ore Production in Mar: 2.25 MT Per Day
    < Cold Mettalics >Hyundai Steel Procures Russian A3 Ferrous Scrap at US$302 CFR
    < Ferro Alloys >Production Plan for Special Steel Products in Apr-Jun 4.8888 Mil. Tons
    < LNG >JERA to Procure LNG from Mozambique Jointly with Taiwan's CPC
   Tue 14 May, 2019 [10:42]
    < Steel >J Mills May Keep Price Unchanged in GO Talks for 2H19 Shipments
    < Iron Ore >Iron Ore Shipped from Port Hedland in Apr 2019 Drops 1.4% Y/Y
    < Cold Mettalics >Hyundai Steel Makes A Bid for No.2 HMS at Y 30,500 FOB
    < Ferro Alloys >Ni SUS Scrap Price in mid-May Starts with JPY120,000 to JPY130,000
    < LNG >Cameron LNG Files for Commissioning Cargo Export Permission
   Mon 13 May, 2019 [11:01]
    < Steel >J Mills Keep Price of CR, Precoated Steel for June Shipments Unchanged
    < Iron Ore >Iron Ore Imports by 28 EU Member States in Feb Fall 13% Y/Y
    < Cold Mettalics >Kanto Tetsugen Sells No.2 HMS at Y 30,597 FAS
    < Ferro Alloys >Mn Ore from WoodieWoodie Mine Shipped to Indonesia also in April
    < LNG >Occidental Petroleum to Buy Anadarko Petroleum
   Fri 10 May, 2019 [10:09]
    < Steel >Japan's Plate Exports to S. Korea in Mar Rise 4.9% M/M to 77,000 Tonnes
    < Iron Ore >Vale's Pellet Production Falls 23% Q/Q to 12.17 Mil Tonnes
    < Cold Mettalics >Kanto Mkt: Some Mini Mills Follows The Price Reduction of Tokyo Steel
    < Ferro Alloys >LME Ni Average Price in April Down by 2% from Prior Month
    < LNG >FID for Mozambique LNG Project to be Made This June
   Thu 09 May, 2019 [10:14]
    < Steel >Chinese Mills' Unchanged Price Ensures Stability of Asian HRC Markets
    < Iron Ore >Tramp Freight Market for Bulk Cargoes Declines After Drastic Increase
    < Cold Mettalics >Japan's No.2 HMS Prices Average Declines Further to Y29,234
    < Ferro Alloys >South32 Offers Manganese Ore as June Shipment at Same Price as Before
    < LNG >Brazil Receives 1st LNG Cargo for Sergipe State in April
   Wed 08 May, 2019 [10:33]
    < Steel >Duferco Acquires Meridna Metal Trading
    < Iron Ore >Vale Reiterates Stability of Brucutu Iron Ore Mine
    < Cold Mettalics >Projection of May Crude Steel Prod from Kanto Area Is 390K Tons Level
    < Ferro Alloys >Fire Occurs again at Conveyor at SLN's Kouaoua Mine
    < LNG >Total to Buy Stake in Mozambique LNG Project
   Tue 07 May, 2019 [11:45]
    < Steel >Japan's Exports of H-beams for March Rise 51.5% Y/Y to 21,000 Tons
    < Iron Ore >CLF Reports 48% Y/Y Decline in Margin for Jan-Mar Quarter
    < Cold Mettalics ><Interview of New President> Kyoyei Co., Ltd: Mr. Toshiyuki Kubo
    < Ferro Alloys >China's Production of SUS Crude Steel in Jan-Mar 6.4341 Mil. Tons
    < LNG >Two Chinese Firms Acquire 20% Stake in Arctic LNG 2 Project
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