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In response to strong needs in the Asian countries to have the most vivid and updated information on world energy situations earlier, the TEX Report launched an English version of TEX Energy Report on July 1, 2003.

The new version transmits to all over the world the latest news and data on not only Japan, one of the largest energy importers, but also China, Republic of Korea, Taiwan and so forth showing remarkable economic growth.

Its comprehensive data and news cover all the energy resources including gas, oil, coal and so forth with abundant data on electric utilities and gas companies. We are convinced these will contribute for your in-depth analyses of supply and demand trends in future as well as your creation of operational strategy.

Based on our past records and confidences accorded by our clients through our 40 years experiences, we will be able to supply you with information on changes in energy supply and demand positions such as those resulted from the recent operational suspensions at nuclear power stations in Japan as well as moves of world LNG market trend with expanding demand.

Since we accept anytime your subscription for free sample, please take this opportunity to have a look at our report.


- Latest news on market situation and supply/demand positions on crude oil, naphtha and other oil products, LNG, LPG and coal.

- Trends of prices concerning raw materials procurement by electric companies, gas distributors, petrochemical companies, iron & steel producers and so on.

- Same day publication of energy statistics and trade statistics issued by the governmental organizations of Japan.

Subscription fee (US$)

6 months 1 year
$1,100 $2,000
Please note:
All bank charges will be borne by customers.
Payment can be made only by bank transfer. Credit cards and cheques are not available.

Effective Jan 16 2018

Method of Transmission

By e-mail

The time and dates of issue

From 8:00 to 8:30 P.M. (Japanese standard time) from every Monday to Friday.
No issue on the Saturday and Sunday as well as the national holiday of Japan.

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