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"Ferro Alloy Manual" covers the occurrences in sectors of ferro-alloys, as secondary but essential raw materials for steel production, nickel and chrome as raw materials for stainless steel production, and supply and demand of these raw materials with its relative statistics, which are compiled from an independent point of view by The Tex Report. "Ferro Alloy Manual" is published in every year and has been favorably evaluated as a databook of ferro-alloys. "2016 Ferro Alloy Manual" (published on March 13, 2017 with total 214 pages ) has summarized the current situation of each ferro-alloy plant in the South Africa, referring to facilities, production capacities, production items and their latest position. The recent changes in such East Asian countries as South Korea, Taiwan and China have caused a more substantial rolling than last year and brought in a sudden and considerable reformation of the market. Therefore, "2016 Ferro Alloy Manual" has added the data concerning these matters.

Ferro Alloy Manual 2016

Ferro Alloy Manual

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Main Contents
  • Price Trend in Imports of Silico-Manganese
  • Price Trend in Imports of Ferro-Chrome (Charge Chrome)
  • Price Trend in Imports of Ferro-Silicon
  • Price Trend in Imports of Silicon Metal
  • Molybdenum Production by World Major Mines
  • Price Trend in Imports of Ferro-Vanadium
  • Supply & Demand of Nickel in Japan
  • Stainless Steel (Hot-Rolled) Production by Company
  • Ferro-Alloys Stituation in Korea


214 pages; B-5 size; Published on 13 March, 2017


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