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The TEX Report Ltd. invites you to a new reading experience, The TEX Report on the Web.

Note: No issue on Saturdays, Sundays and Japanese National Holidays.

"The TEX Report on the Web"

Members-only benefits

The system consists of (i) Latest News, (ii) The TEX Report Daily Report, (iii) Back Issues, and (iv) Free Statistics, namely:

(i) Latest News: Breaking news and latest news will be uploaded immediately,

(ii) The TEX Report: You can read a daily containing all the latest news published on that day,

(iii) Back Issues: You can access to all the issues of The TEX Report in the past THREE years, and,

(iv) Free Statistics: Trade statistics for steel, iron ore, coal, cold metallics and ferroalloy, issued by various countries will be compiled into spread sheets and uploaded on the day of release.

(i), (ii) and (iii) are provided in PDF format and (iv) in Microsoft Excel. All the PDF files are only available online, but they can be printed.

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